Tax opinions

Drafting written opinions on tax and accounting issues

If you have a specific situation and are not sure how to apply the tax law correctly, we will provide you with a professional written opinion on how to handle that specific situation. These are situations in which you, as a participant in a business or transaction, or on some other legal basis, have to pay taxes or may be entitled to a tax exemption.

A written opinion contains our understanding of the situation you are in and the question you are interested in, legal framework and the conclusion. We state our understanding since if one or more starting facts change, our conclusion may as well be altered. Within the legal framework, we list all relevant laws, regulations, official opinions of the Tax Administration, double taxation treaties, OECD guidelines, judgements of the European Court of Justice, which are relevant to the situation in question and for reaching a conclusion. In the final part of our opinion, we interpret the above-mentioned laws and regulations within the legal framework and answer all the questions raised earlier, giving you justification and suggestions for action.