Preventive tax supervision

Preventive tax audits and drafting of tax complaints and appeals

The purpose of the tax control of Tax Administration is to give a certain right or impose an obligation on the entrepreneur (more common case). The determination of the taxpayer’s rights and obligations in tax audit are particularly important as they can result in significant unexpected contingencies imposed by tax supervision and uncertainty in the settlement thereof.

As an alternative to tax control, ALPHA CAPITALIS can offer you “Tax Control Simulation” service in which ALPHA CAPITALIS employees act as if they have come to perform full tax control of the company (VAT, income tax and other areas within the jurisdiction of the Tax Administration).

The clients benefit in that they know, at a reasonable price, what to expect if they are announced a tax control and what steps should be taken to eliminate or reduce the risks.

Alternatively, if you are already in the stage of a tax control process being carried upon you, we can assist you in drafting a Tax Record Complaint or compiling a Tax Decision Appeal, and also accompany and advise you on all other procedures during the tax control process.