What is the purpose of corporate reporting?

  • Provides information on the fulfillment of goals (strategic and operational)
  • Provides information on deviation of realization in relation to the master plan and historical results
  • Provides information on meeting the quality goals (ISO 9001: 2015)
  • Communicates past, present and future trends
  • Serves as a basis for paying incentives and bonuses
  • Serves as a platform for promoting the most efficient employees
  • Serves as a basis for making business decisions
  • Serves as a basis for detecting (non)profitable products and business segments
  • Serves as a basis for timely detection of working capital management problems (e.g. collection of accounts receivable from customers and non-current raw materials), liquidity management, management of cost of financing…

Who needs corporate reporting?

Managers who …

  • Plan their business
  • Create budgets
  • Set targets
  • Want to monitor the realization of the goals achieved
  • Want to reward employees for realization of the set goals
  • Want to maintain quality relations with creditors, buyers and suppliers
  • Want to know which are the most profitable activities
  • Want to attract investors
  • Want to make decisions based on data
  • Want to measure results and financial indicators on a monthly basis

Owners who …

  • Want to measure the success of appointed managers
  • Want to measure return on investment
  • Want to measure whether a company generates value (EVA = Economic Value Added)

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