Investment management accounting

What are the planning rules?

No matter what kind of investment it is about, planning rules are always the same. It is crucial to identify all cash flows of investments and assess the risk of them. Therefore, quality analysis and good planning are often the only difference between successful and unsuccessful project/company. 

Investment management accounting should in every company be a link between all involved in the investment process that will enable successful implementation of the project. 

The more involved in the planning process everyone is, the easier they will be able to make the right decisions, estimate the real, and realistically calculate real benefit of every investment.

When you enter capital investment, it is certainly good to make a valid analysis where our services would be of benefit.

Methodologies for analysis of financial profitability of investment:

  • The method of pure (net) present value
  • Internal rate of return method
  • Payback period

Additional methods

  • The return on investment method
  • Discounted period of return method
  • Profitability index method
  • Cost-Benefit analysis method
  • Annuity method

Special methods

  • Difference method
  • Modified internal rate of return

Specific methods

  • MAPI Method
  • Discounted cash flow method
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Sensitivity analysis

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Projection of incremental cash flows

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Calculation of net present value of the project

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Calculation of the internal rate of return of the project

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Calculation of return on investment time