Business risk control

What is an Effective Risk Management System?

Inefficient management can bring enormous damage to the development and progress of a company. An effective risk management system is one of the most important instruments of protection against competition that enables the recognition of opportunities and timely response to changes.

Risk management, risk measurement (risk assessment) and assignment of risk management responsibilities are essential for risk management within a system. It is also necessary to define a set of measures and activities that will prevent the occurrence of escalating unexpected events that may have negative consequences. 

Organizational risk management refers to events and circumstances that may negatively affect the business (impact on organization’s own survival, human and capital resources, products and services, consumers, as well as external influences on society, market and environment). 

The risk analysis helps ensure that the objectives of the risk protection program are aligned and matched to the business goals and needs of the company. The more the business and protection goals (security) are aligned, the more successful they will be.

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