Financial restructuring

When is financial restructuring required?

  • Divisions, mergers, acquisitions, buyout, sales of companies or parts thereof.
  • The owner changes, debts and assets are restructured.

Reasons for company restructuring:

  • Adjusting of production capacities, structure and number of employees
  • Adjusting the required capital
  • Upgrading sales
  • Transfer of wealth
  • Tax reasons

What is the pre-bankrupcy settlement?

A procedure whose purpose is to establish the liquidity and solvency of the debtor, or to make the debtor capable of timely fulfilling the due financial obligations and to ensure a more permanent ability to meet all the financial obligations.

  • The start-up procedure is simpler and far below the cost of initiating bankruptcy
  • The goal is to recover the company and continue its operations

Company restructuring opportunities:

  • Restructuring of liabilities to banks and suppliers
  • Sale of property that is not part of the core business
  • Replacement of claims for equity holdings
  • Capitalization by a financial investor
  • Capitalization and / or takeover by a strategic investor